Psychotiller Dual RKP Complete

Psychotiller Dual RKP Complete

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We're done waiting on parts to complete builds. 

This is all we're building now. Best group of components available anywhere. Unmatched performance compared to any available production board. 80% of each board is made and assembled in southern CA, USA. 

Jet Killshot 40.5" Radial micro drop

heXL Precision RKP 240mm trucks.

SixShooter Wheelset

Quick66 mounts

Dual 6374 190kv motors

Dual 100a Vescs

12s5p 30q pack

16/60 gearing

Belt driven

2.4ghz mini remote

Blood Orange heavy grip

Biltin Bearings

Weight-28lbs , Top Speed-30+mph,  Range- 25+ miles (on Pneumatics)

-Wheel options available for separate purchase. Abec 107s, Abec 97's and soon 111 masterfly's!!!  Swap wheels and belts in under 5 minutes time.