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New Thumb Remote/Receiver IN Stock!!

45 USD
New Thumb Remote/Receiver IN Stock!!
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New Thumb Remote/Receiver IN Stock!!

45 USD
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This a new remote from Maytech that we have been testing for about a month. It has much better throw in the thumb stick than the winning remote. Pairs up quickly and easily and holds it's signal well. 

Ergonomically this is different than every remote we've used. It's small and fits pretty well in your hand.
1) 2.4GHz two-way communication, 80 channels, automatic FM anti-interference.
2) 32bit ID code, very low probability of re-code.
3) Built-in lithium battery, charge battery via USB port
4) 3 LED lights to show battery voltage, red LED will flash when voltage is low.
5) Crack resistant.
6) High and low speed can be easily switched.
7) With function of acceleration and brakes, forward and backward .
8) Auto throttle calibration when switched on.
9) Alarm when remote control and receiver loss signal
10) When signal loss 5 minutes, remote will automatically shut down.
11) Match-code memory function, remote control and receiver has fast connection when power on.
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