Psychotiller | Electrical Longboard Supply | California


We specialize in making parts for electronic longboards that we found were hard to find. Fully adjustable motor mounts that can also be reversed (ReverseAjustable) compatible with 63mm and 50mm motor hole patterns, custom ABS purpose built enclosures, and purpose built 6 inch pneumatic wheels that fit all longboard trucks. Our approach is a little different than our mainstream competition and I'd like to keep it that way. Flying low, fast, and under the radar is where we belong. They can stick to commuter bike lanes, bus terminals and clone conventions..

We'll be riding mountain roads, riverbeds, dirt trails, grass and race tracks. This isn't about buying the latest greatest complete with 4 dollar stroller wheels. It's about making something good for ourselves that's fun to ride. Seeing part of ourselves in each build. sweating a little bit, but not too much!

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